Paolo Curtoni works on the border between art, science and technology. At a point where language and the sense of words meet the machine and become a shape, a wave. For decades he has been combining his artistic activity with his entrepreneurial and research activity in language technologies, with a special predilection for generative and sound art forms.

Born in Italy in the early days of the computer age, Curtoni began his artistic life working in film production, also working with Balla and Scarrone . For many years he combined works and art, technology and research on language, emotions, and human feelings. He has created unique AI-based techniques for algorithmic art such as semantic sonification, participated in art exhibitions and collaborated in numerous scientific publications. He currently finds himself devoted to developing his artistic activity, curiously also the NFT world. His experimentation on the interactions between art and language also continues as a member of the Colorless Green Ideas collective

Some examples of his artworks:

  • Works produced between 2010 and 2018, show the link he creates between language technologies and generative art; using the original unprecedented technique of “semantic sonification” to produce graphics and sound objects generated or combined using the semantic analysis of texts

  • In 2015 the “Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris” exhibits one of his sound works as part of an exhibition dedicated to the great artist Carol Rama

  • As part of a collaboration with the visual artist Bepi Ghiotti, he applied his algorithmic art for generating sounds from the analysis of images produced by other artists (e.g. White Noise )

  • From 2021 he has been experimenting with semantically driven generative visual art, also publishing it as NFT (e.g. “Stream of Consciousness”.