long-form generative

Long-Form Generative Artwork, published on FxHash
Series of 100

“Liaisons dangereuses” is a creative exploration of implausible relations between figurative art and poetry. A custom algorithmic poet learned on the basis of texts about artists and their work. It memorized all subtleties of a language designed to describe visual emotions and artworks. This language is the tool for creating countless poems about artistic concepts, which range from techniques to materials to artists, etc.

But the link is two-sided: if the generative poet is fed by art language, the concepts expressed by poems do, in turn, influence the appearance of the artwork. Color palettes, pattern types and the flow of the graphic composition are indeed determined by the semantics of the poem.

In each minting, the algorithmic poet will produce either a short poem (a iambic 5-7-5 haiku or a iambic cinquain according to Adelaide Crapsey style) or a single verse (either an alexandrine, or a iambic pentameter or an anapestic tetrameter). There are 625 artistic concepts that can trigger a poem, and each concept can generate countless different semantically coherent poems. The poet is completely “unchained”: contents might be peaceful harmonic assertions as well as embarrassing, politically incorrect claims.

Liaisons Dangereuses “Liaisons Dangereuses” is a project of the Colorles Green Ideas collective

Liaisons Dangereuses#8, courtesy of æther

Liaisons Dangereuses#16, courtesy of sandcatstash

Liaisons Dangereuses#18, courtesy of jpsiroman

Liaisons Dangereuses#13, courtesy of ReyArt88.tez

Liaisons Dangereuses#60, courtesy of @nftartcards